Optimize your images.

Optimize images and add ALT tags to have a good performance, make sure that images you add in your content are at the right size and compression level.

Always add image ALT tags

Search engines don’t just look for images. Rather, they look for images with alt text. That value inside that ALT tag is the main point of interest for Google when looking to “understand” an image (the others being the filename and the text around the
image on the page).

If you have no experience with HTML, here’s what you need to know: whenever an
image appears on your site, it uses the following source code format:

<img class=“alignCenter shadow“ src=“image.jpg“ alt=“image-description“ title=“image tooltip“>

When you upload an image in your post you can put the alt tag.


So just like with ALT tags, it makes sense to add descriptive keywords into the filename, instead of leaving the default camera-assigned ones (DSC0001.JPG).

You can name and upload the pictures with the name of the post, page or event and use the same name for the title and alt description; other fields are additional.

Filename best practices:
• Try to make it no longer than 3-4 words.
• Separate words using dashes (spaces are fine too, but no underscores)
• Skip stop words (he, she, the, a etc.)

Real example

If you have this next foto with the filename img23940.jpg


For filename is worth to change the name from „IMG23940“ to something accurate and descriptive, like „dancer in berlin“ is a lot more informative than IMG23940.JPG.

Important: The filename, title, alt tag can be the same and is not necessary put the description on WordPress.  

filename=title=alt tag

Post name: “The best dancers in berlin”
Featured image: best-dancers-berlin.jpg
Title: best dancers berlin
Alt Text (important): best dancers berlin

Important: Das Safari Browser ist mit den Deutschen Buchstaben Umlaut ä, ü, ö und Sonderzeichen nicht kompatibel. Damit dieses Problem nicht mehr auftritt, bei Bildtiteln bitte ersetze die deutsche Umlaut und Sondernzechen wie folgt:ä, ö, ü und ß –> durch ae, oe , ue und ss, usw.

Filling alt attributes with keywords (“keyword stuffing”) results in a negative user experience and may cause your site to be perceived as spam. Instead, focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.