Der Accelerator Frankfurt Demo Day ist vorbei und verlief sehr erfolgreich. Auch das Startup Norma präsentierte sich überaus zufriedenstellend. Im Vorfeld des Demo Day stellten wir dem Startup die bereits bekannten Fragen, die wir Euch im Nachgang nicht vorenthalten wollen.
Norma ist ein koreanisches Startup, das sich auf Cyber-Security spezialisiert hat und unser aller Wifi sicherer machen möchte. Den Rest erzählen Sie uns selbst, und zwar auf Englisch.

1. Please describe your business model.

We make wireless network communication safer”

NORMA is developing wireless network and IoT security technology to make people use wireless networks more conveniently and safely. Based on professional technologies in each field, it develops wireless vulnerability inspecting solution, security application, and IoT security module.

  • What is your USP?

100% In-house technologies and unique product line-ups.

2. Please tell us about the day you pitched to Maria and Ram. What comes to mind when you think about that day?

We thought we could get a lot of support and enthusiasm from them. “Passion and Energy”

3. Tell us about the program, please: What does a typical day look like and what is the most valuable lesson you took away so far?

My typical day at AF is very intense. We get done in a day, what any other company would do in a week. We share information and experiences with other participants and mentors who are themselves serial entrepreneurs. We go attend meetings and networking events with potential investors, partners and clients. Working with mentors to improve our pitch deck quality and presentation skill has been a big benefit to communicating our

4. What is the most essential tool you’d recommend to every entrepreneur?

Tenacity and Energy – learned from your mistakes.

5. Three words about Ram and Maria?




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