Unser Startup #4 des Frankfurter Accelerator Programms ist Aeroplan. Ein israelisches Insurtech-Startup, das Reisversicherern und medizinischen Diensten eine digitalisierte Forderungsverwaltung ermöglicht, Beförderungen von Patienten vereinfacht und wie ein globaler Marktplatz für die Reiseassistenz medizinischer Dienste fungiert. Das nachfolgende Video erläutert das Geschäftsmodell etwas näher:

Wir haben auch Aeroplan die bereits bekannten 7 Fragen gestellt.

Please describe your business model.

Aero-plan is digitizing Claims management for Travel insurers, providing Resource Optimization, Real-time Cost Containment and online Transaction Management.

 What is your USP?

Aero-plan.com is a Global Marketplace for Travel Assistance and Medical Services, connecting Travel Insurance/Assistance companies with qualified service providers.

We ensure:

  • Patients get timely and quality service
  • Insurance companies minimize their medical and financial risk
  • Service Providers maximize their commercial and operational potential

Our online B2B marketplace for Medical Transport services, launched early 2015, serving the Industry’s leading Insurance/Assistance companies such as AIG, AXA Assistance, Allianz, ADAC, Aetna and others, transacting with our global network of 70 of the world’s finest Medical Transport providers.

Our revenue model is based on reoccurring commissions from Providers, Licensing fees and customization as well as Cost containment and data analysis.

Please tell us about the day you pitched to Maria and Ram. What comes to mind when you think about that day?

I met Ram at a conference and then met both Maria and Ram in Israel. Had coffee, a pleasant conversation, and instantly got the sense they both mean business.

In a startup-CEO’s world, where resources are scarce and focus is everything, the choices you make and effort you put in can make the difference between success and failure.

I felt my time and energy with Ram and Maria are well spent.

Tell us about the program, please: What does a typical day look like and what is the most valuable lesson you took away so far?

Aero-plan is a startup in a later phase. Our online B2B marketplace already serves clients such as AIG, AXA Assistance, Allianz, ADAC and others, so our needs are mainly focused on series A funding and business development with clients..

As such, and also considering our develpment center is based in Israel, I am constantly travelling and arrive to Frankfurt specifically for meetings with investors, mentors and sales.

Working with Ram and Maria is done also in remote – mail, conference calls and whatsapp.

Efficiency is key!

With Demo Day so close, which areas do you feel you need to still improve to convince the investors?

Though we have some considerable market traction, I feel we need to find the right investors to fuel our growth at this point, who will understand the potential in the sizzling insurtech scene and perhaps bring strategic insight and value.

To convince the investors, we must make the insurance world a bit more accessible, as it is very specific and at times seems niche.

What is the most essential tool you’d recommend to every entrepreneur?

Perseverance, focus and resourcefulness.

Three words about Ram and Maria?


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