Heute möchten wir Euch EcoKraft vorstellen. Die EcoKraft GmbH arbeitet in diversen Forschungsprojekten mit innovativen Firmen, Hochschulen, Forschungseinrichtungen und Arbeitsgruppen weltweit zusammen. EcoKraft hat eine Plattform entwickelt, die es ermöglicht einfach und risikofrei in Projekte aus dem Bereich erneuerbare Energien in Entwicklungsländern zu investieren. Investitionen werden durch gezielte technische Unterstützung, blockchainfähige Überwachungsinstrumente und standardisierte Leistungsmesswerte transparent. EcoKraft leitet eine Plattform in Malawi und hat Partnerschaften mit dem Frankfurter School Blockchain Center und Quantoz etabliert.

Wir haben Heather Fischer von EcoKraft 7 Fragen zum Accelerator Frankfurt Programm und Ihrem Geschäftsmodell gestellt. Hier ist das Interview in englischer Sprache:

Please describe your business model.

We offer de-risked social impact investment opportunities by supporting the entire project cycle. We provide digitized technical assistance services, a service which is paid for by development finance institutions but SME renewable energy project developers are the beneficiaries. We also provide monitoring and evaluation services to SME renewable energy projects developers. By offering digitized, targeted technical assistance, and utilizing blockchain technology, we can offer de-risked and transparent investment opportunities, for which we charge an investment fee. We also offer blockchain-enabled monitoring and evaluation services to SME project developers for a fee, a service that allows them to collect financial and operational data that allows them to access better financial offers from banks and investors.

What is your USP?

We are the only company offering products that support the entire project cycle, and offer products for SMEs, investors, and DFIs. We also have a detailed understanding of this complex market, and all stakeholders.

Please tell us about the day you pitched to Maria and Ram. What comes to mind when you think about that day?

We were really impressed with Ram and Maria, and thought they were the right team to support us in growing our company. We were also happy that, given their vast knowledge and experience with start-ups, they understood the value proposition of our idea.

Tell us about the program, please: What does a typical day look like and what is the most valuable lesson you took away so far?

For us, the greatest value of the program has been growing our network. Through our new network, we have access to mentors to help us refine our business model and marketing, and to partnerships that have strengthened the value of our company.

With Demo Day so close which areas do you feel you need to still improve to convince the investors?

For demo day, our greatest challenge is to explain a complex product in an area where most people are not familiar (climate finance). We are refining our pitch and simplifying it as much as possible. We are also working fast on finishing our mock-up platform to show investors and potential customers.

What is the most essential tool you’d recommend to every entrepreneur?

The most useful tool we’ve encountered is Slack. It enables our team, which is spread out around the world, to stay in constant communication and to organize messages into channels.

Three words about Ram and Maria?

Supportive, competent, forward-thinking

Thanks for the talk!

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