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Entrepreneurial thinking is not an easy task and being an entrepreneur is not a modern thing. However, the concept of entrepreneurship has acquired a strong resonance in the recent years as it brings a sense of independence and freedom. Being an entrepreneur requires a strong mindset that is driven by the commitment to an idea. To reach this strength there are three steps that can organically align anyone to their real honest convictions and ideals. Once this point is reached, it will be very difficult to go back and do something different. This is the philosophy behind our business creativity workshops Berlin:

  1. Develop a Dream

Open yourself up to your dream.

Dreaming is not about being self-sustainable, having no boss or managing your own time. Dreaming goes beyond. It is about finding clarity on what you believe and what you don’t. It is about asking yourself for the real motivations in life that are basic to the essence of being you. What do you love? What are you good at? What can you be paid for? What does the world need?

Dreaming is limitless so take advantage of this. It starts in your head as visions, sounds, smells, tastes and textures. Dreaming is freedom and with freedom there also comes a big responsibility with yourself and with society. You can not only dream about you, but about how you experience society and vice versa. Dreaming is the first draft to what you want to experience, therefore, it is already a goal to focus on. Dream carefully. Dream responsibly. Dream big.

2. Believe in your dream


You will dream about many interesting ideas and possibilities, but not all of them have the power to make you believe in them for the rest of your life. Important concepts to consider are happiness, satisfaction, tranquility, success and love. If you decide to believe in the right dream, these concepts will appear to you as essential values. Achieving your dream should be immerse in the idea of achieving these values.

Finding that dream which feels right for yourself is the most difficult but rewarding step. It will appear to you organically aligned to your inner passions and values. You will realize this dream is worth your time and energy because you believe it is possible. Believing is somehow a decision that arises from your guts and from your heart more than from your reasoning. You will find your energy-tank full and ready to drive you for an infinite adventure.

Remember, success is not about money, fame or personal belongings. Success is about achieving a mind and physical state that nurtures these values mentioned above. This state is achieved through your commitment to the right dream. Meditate, sit down and write about your dream, talk to those who can guide you through, let the idea rest and most important, listen to your instinct. If you feel you are in the right path, believe in it.  It is up to you to turn that dream into a reality.

3. Dare to make your dream a reality

Building this was someone’s dream before.

When you believe in the dream, you need to start working on it. You need to dare. Not everyone will understand your dream and the path to get there has not been made. That means doors are not already open for you. You will find obstacles along the road so be ready to open new paths and convince people about your convictions. This requires inner strength for you to resist negativity, opposition or lack of support throughout the process. 

The biggest historical transformation moments have proven it’s not easy to change the way society see’s the world. Ask Galileo Galilei how did it go in the Seventeen hundredth when he dared to say that the Earth was moving around the Sun, against the established belief of the Sun and planets rotating around the Earth.

Believe in your inner voice. You will realize that there is a good amount of people in tune with your dream. We have to be clear, dare to act and continue to do what we believe is the right thing to do. We have a big responsibility not just with us, but with those who identify with our dream and even with those who don’t. 


In short…

Following these three steps develops a natural strength which is needed for entrepreneurial thinking. 1. Dream, 2. Believe and 3. Dare. Dreams demand time and energy to be materialized and we better decide carefully where we are investing these. If we find the right dream, we will believe in it and a natural commitment will arise from within, leading us to new paths where we will find ourselves daring. Remember to ask yourself: What do I love? What am I good at? What can I be paid for? What does the world need?

The strength built by entrepreneurial thinking is a strength to resist and propose a new tomorrow. The responsibility of making a project or developing a business should not be strongly tied to money anymore, but to a society from which we are part of. In this century we should realize that we are part of a global society interconnecting the entire world. Our responsibility is global. We want to make a change because things can be better for all. No one said it’d be easy, but we dare. We have a social responsibility to make things better. So let’s start.


Our business workshops Berlin help you find your dreams and organize your time as well as the energy to execute them. We are happy to receive questions and to guide any process. Let us know how we can support you.


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