Creative Workshops bring value to your business

Innovation is the core to any idea behind a business. Creativity is core to innovation. Thus, creativity needs to be taken as serious as financial sustainability. Actually, you have to be creative to deliver new possibilities for business planning and to find the monetary resources that will maintain the ideas on float.

An IBM survey involving 1,541 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide shows that those in executive roles believe that creativity is essential to navigate successfully through the increasing volatility, uncertainty and complexity of the world. “It is remarkable that CEOs identify creativity as the number one leadership competency of the successful enterprise of the future,“ said Frank Kern, senior vice president, IBM Global Business Services. This creative workshop in Berlin aims at channeling inner creativity.

Leadership and balance require creativity.


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Creativity in Business is vital

Creativity has been erroneously associated with a final product rather than with a process. Art, music, performance, films and paintings are all understood as creative pieces, but business administration, financial planning and marketing strategies also require a strong creative process. Creativity not only serves the purpose of finding uniqueness and outstand from the rest of products and services offered by a business. Creativity is as relevant to humans as food, exercise and meditation. We are creative beings.

As Pablo Picasso stated:All children are artists. The problem is to remain an artist as he/she grows up.”

Creativity is necessary to tackle unexpected problems and it helps in strategic thinking. Both of these are vital to run a business or to develop ideas and dreams into reality. Read these 3 steps on how to set-up your dream as your business  (Article 1).

Nurture your business creativity through workshops

During a Creativity Workshop for entrepreneurs at Goldsmiths, London.

Creativity is vital to start a business or to contribute to an already established and running business. Existing workshops can contribute to feeding new ideas into your business and to turn companies into inventive and productive communities. You can run a workshop for your own business idea or for your company teams. Just realize that a good way of starting is to have participants being creative through exercises rather than sitting and listening to experts talk about it. There is no specific exercise that can do the job, but at least the process of going through the experience already creates a different connection to the way participants interact, think and work.

Creative workshops can enhance the process of product ideation and design, as well as time management, communication, team development, effective organization and will definitely contribute to the fun of the team during the process. As a leader, you can inspire employees to become leaders of their own ideas and build them together as a team for the benefit of the entire company.

Money can be important, but when you unplug from that idea and let your dreams and passions guide the creative game, you will be surprised how many good ideas appear. Not just that, but also those who come up with these ideas will be happy to push for them to happen, giving an extra fuel-tank to get the projects done. If your company knows how to grow and nurture from creativity, money will return as an organic result.

Play to ignite the creative process

Playing during a creativity workshop for business.

The big difference of those roles known as creative (also thought to bring less money), is that their process involves playing. Creativity is the process and consequently the result appears as such. This lowers the level of stress and anxiety and leaves you more energy to focus on delivering any idea.

You will learn a lot about yourself by playing. Moving through the space like an actor, will change the way you are recognizing your surroundings and the way you are aware of the others. Playing an instrument, even if you don’t know how to do so, will push you to listen to yourself and connect your movements to sound you are making. Also drawing doodles can help you retain information you are exposed to, no matter how boring the circumstances are, according to a 2009 study published in the journal, Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Playing will show you a new way of being patient with yourself. You will learn to see everything again as it was the first time, which will enable you to dare to be who you are under any circumstances. You will learn to recognize the ego that has been telling you „you are this“ therefore „you should do that“, limiting you from exposing new ideas.

A workshop for social transformation

Using workshops not only ignites and nurtures creativity. Creative workshops for business have involved different strategies, even non-western life approaches, to bring awareness to new business development and organizations. Like the case of these workshops show developed by MA students at the Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship Department at Goldsmiths University of London (click to find more about these workshops – link to Workshop landing page). These workshops merge arts, music and performance techniques with a native-indigenous understanding of resources, community, sustainability and celebration.

They bring a new idea of what a business should be, suggesting a business for the modern society. A society that needs to be aware of the entire world’s resources and its community. It is like creating a niche of social transformation out of the companies that have received these workshops. Universities, corporations, non-profit organisations, start-ups, artistic-based companies and entrepreneurs have all received these workshops and they all agree on one thing: they not only come together as a team or learn how to find the right team, but they also develop their own next steps during the workshop. Four main segments are delivered by the own creative process of the participants:

  1. Dream
  2. Plan
  3. Execute
  4. Celebrate

According to the latest researches by BMI, investing in creativity will always result in a good valuable return. This experience will ignite the creation of innovative projects that will translate into positive value for your endeavors as a company while contributing to a positive social transformation.

If you want to know more about creative workshops possibilities, prices, programs or more please sign up here: 

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